Internet Marketing
The three basic objectives will be to:
  • To make the entire online process in terms of traffic generation, optimization, online revenue model etc more clear than before.
  • Areas where our expertise can be of substantial benefit.
  • To help chalk out a future path, following which the BIG PICTURE of future success can easily be tracked down and enables us to be in line for the online business.
The easiest thing to develop in today’s world is to have a website, the difficult thing is to have a sense of what you intend on doing after you have one and the vision to attract both traffic and
business using various online tools. It is neither rocket science nor the discovery of the next million dollar online idea, it’s about understanding the target audience and using an appropriate tool to (a) reach out to the target audience and capture their imagination and (b) how you use it to stand apart from the crowd. What we need is a simple idea, executed well and the rest as they say is history. (c) How to have a successful revenue model.

So the first step will be to get the online positioning statement right so that steps 2 and 3 can yield effective results. For any website/ online revenue model implemented in any form of a web representation one key aspect is that there needs to be a dialogue with the viewer and not a monologue. Similarly we will work upon other key areas which will enable us to get the first online representation i.e. our website positioned in the best possible way and then there will follow a concentrated/focused work carried out to make initial head way into the target segment, following which will be series of dedicated online initiatives for the entire process to scale new and further heights.

The second step thereafter will be a series of dedicated online campaigns which will help booster the entire process and will include things like:

We believe that the bottom line of any business is profit and growth. This is why we will work closely to match the online marketing strategy with the business strategy. Rather than too merely increase traffic, the goal of any legitimate online marketing program should be to increase the number of quality leads and paying customers to your web site! As well as build a solid online brand equity and positioning/co- positioning. It is imperative to not just focus only on the bottom line but also to simultaneously look at building a BRAND, a very good example of that is Infosys, founders of which use to work for Patni Computers, they only thing that they remained true to during the formative years was building a BRAND and not just money, can’t help but modify Amir Khan famous dialogue from three idiots to suit the online perspective “Focus on building a better online BRAND, bottom line will come running after you”

We will assist you with the crucial step of online strategy
Key focus will also be on
Use of standard web tools, which are free of cost, to help promote the intended idea.
Social Media Marketing services will enable you to engage with online communities to generate traffic, visibility, branding and sales. These online communities can be tapped on various social media platforms including Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace; Micro Blogging services (like Twitter), Photo and Video sharing platforms, Blogosphere and more. And the how to use Youtube to propel the same at an even faster pace

Using Add by Google to further the spread of our online presence.

Using Google Analytics which would enable us to do a reality check and place things in context to how the customer is behaving/responding to our online presence.

Eventually focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), one of the most significant and most important factors, having an organically better site so as to be better ranked by Google.

The third and the most significant step is to arrive at a point where, as stated above, the BIG PICTURE of future success can be easily tracked down, this again would take into account all analytics of the past and present trends and how the target audience has reacted to our endeavors, this would also include a mapping of the expectations v/s the achievements on both our side as well as from the viewer’s perspective. This is actually the stage where the flight is about to take off and together we can chalk out a future roadmap for success. SEO RAISERS is true to its tagline – Taking you to the PINNACLE
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